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SlimBezig – an alternative to the traditional gyms.

Are all gyms in Veldhoven the same? No way! SlimBezig is the place to be for a workout in Veldhoven. As Veldhoven’s best gym, it’s just that little bit different! SlimBezig gives you the workout that you want: faster, safer and more effective. We are the only gym in Veldhoven that has a Milon Cirkel. You train your entire body in just 35 minutes, working on both muscle strength and overall fitness. We offer a great alternative to the mass gym concept: small-scale, personal and friendly. You’ll feel right at home with us, even if sport isn’t really your thing.

Unlike the traditional gyms in Veldhoven, we won’t confront you with a jungle of complicated-looking machines. You do your workout in the Milon Cirkel using your own personal chip card. The fixed route means that you use every machine you need for a complete workout, and your chip card adjusts the machines automatically for optimum results. No messing around with weights like in a regular gym, just an effective, fast workout in the most up-to-date gym in Veldhoven. You could say that we are the perfect alternative to a gym in Veldhoven.

These days, we tend to sit at our desks all day, which simply isn’t good for us. Many of us suffer from back problems. Here at SlimBezig, we take exercise and flexibility in general very seriously. Instead of seeing a physiotherapist about your bad back, why not do something about it yourself? Work on your fitness, feel yourself getting slimmer, fitter and healthier in a gym that treats responsible exercise as its number one priority.

We can also help you to improve your diet and lose some of those annoying extra kilos.

After your workout, have a nice soothing shower in our individual shower cubicles and enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee. It’s all included in your subscription.

So are you looking for a gym in Veldhoven? Do you want to work out in a gym that meets your specific needs? Do you feel uncomfortable in the traditional gyms? If so, look no further. You’ll find all this and more at SlimBezig.

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